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Taekwondo… Sport or Art?

Why I teach martial arts.
My interest, my desire, my goal has never been for a student or I to break more boards or to earn more trophies or to get new belts. These are just rewards or tools to encourage what I believe to be the more beneficial and important aspects of martial arts training.

There is no actual value in breaking multiple boards or in a gold medal or in a fancy belt with a lot of stripes.
What I try or hope to see in the accomplishment of breaking many boards or earning belts is the development of one’s character or spirit through dedication, hard work and sacrifice. And then the benefit of self confidence self discipline, satisfaction, peace of mind… are the true rewards of breaking boards, in earning belts, medals and trophies.

This is why I teach. So yes, we do have to break the boards, learn fighting skills and earn the belts and trophies, to continue to push ourselves, to strive to improve, to avoid complacency and arrogance.
The visible rewards are not the goal but just a tool to achieve the unseen that lies within each one of us.

I have often said that the bi-product (self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence) are much more valuable than the product that we sell (self defense, belts, awards, board breaking…)
One can not purchase those intangibles. They can only be earned.
I have also come to understand that many do not understand this “business plan”, but to those who do understand or have achieved some level of it, it is as clear as day and quite invaluable.

This is why I teach Taekwondo.


Master James Crays